Casarin, A.A. & Delfino, M.E. (2011). "Price Freezes, Durables and Residential Electricity Demand ". Energy Economics, Vol. 33 (5), pp 859-869.


This paper examines the determinants of residential electricity demand in Greater Buenos Aires between 1997 and 2006. During the second half of this period, residential electricity tariffs remained nominally fixed, while rising incomes increased sales of durables. Our study is one of few that use monthly data to examine the contribution of prices to residential consumption growth, and it appears to be the first time-series study to explicitly consider the impact of air conditioners on residential demand. Results indicate that durables have an impact on residential electricity demand. Simulations illustrate how prices, income, and durables impact future demand.


Ariel Casarin, María Eugenia Delfino

Fecha de Publicación:

15 de septiembre del 2011

Tipo de Publicación:

Publicación Académica