Maquieira, C.P., Preve, L., & Sarria Allende, V. (2011). Theory and Practice of Corporate Finance: Evidence and Distinctive Features in Latin America.

Maquieira, C. P., Preve, L. A., & Sarria-Allende, V. (2012). Theory and practice of corporate finance: Evidence and distinctive features in Latin America. Emerging markets review, 13(2), 118-148.


We survey 290 LATAM firms on capital budgeting, cost of capital and capital structure issues. We analyze the results and compare them to those of other studies. We interpret differences according to special features characterizing both emerging markets and SME. We observe that LATAM firms make use of standard capital budgeting techniques, but give special weight to liquidity and capital rationing considerations. They rely less on cost of capital formal estimations; rather, they use investors' requests as their primordial input. Finally, surveyed firms are less leveraged, and inclined toward stressing the role of internal financing and minimizing payment commitments.


Lorenzo Preve, Virginia Sarria

Fecha de Publicación:

9 de noviembre del 2011