Bosch, M.J., Las Heras, M., Russo, M., Rofcanin, Y., & Grau, M. (2017). How Context Matters: The Relationship between Family Supportive Supervisor behaviors and Motivation to Work Moderated by Gender Inequality. Journal of Business Research (In press).


This study examines relationships between family-supportive supervisor behaviour (FSSB) and individuals' prosocial and extrinsic motivation at work in four countries: Brazil, Kenya, the Netherlands and the Philippines. With a sample of 2046 employees from these four countries, we use national levels of gender inequality, measured by the United Nations Gender Inequality Index (GII), to examine whether differences in en's and women's achievements in society moderate the relationship between FSSB and individuals' motivation at work. The study reveals that FSSB is positively associated with prosocial motivation and extrinsic motivation, and that the level of gender inequality in a country is relevant, given that GII moderates the effects of FSSB on prosocial motivation. Our results show that when GII is low, the positive effects of FSSB on prosocial motivation are stronger. We discuss the implications for theory and practice.


María José Bosch

Fecha de Publicación:

01 de enero del 2017