Bosch, M.J, Lee, Y.T., & Cardona, P. (2013). Multicultural validation of a three-dimensional framework of managerial competencies: A comparative analysis of its application in Asian versus non-asian countries". Asian Business & Management, Vol. 12 (4), pp 433-453.


In this article, we examine the structural stability of a three-dimensional model of managerial competencies across 11 non-Asian countries (Brazil, Colombia, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain and the United States) and 4 Asian countries (China, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand). The results indicate that the three competency dimensions (external, interpersonal and personal) are stable across countries. We further investigate potential variation across countries in terms of the weight allocated to different competencies. We discovered that Asian countries place heavier emphasis on external and interpersonal dimensions; non-Asian countries tend more toward the personal dimension. In addition, key managerial implications, particularly with regard to leadership development, are discussed.


María José Bosch

Fecha de Publicación:

02 de diciembre del 2013